Transformational Weight Loss

Recoding your subconscious triggers to live a healthier life!

Many people are using the food and excercise approach to managing their weight, and it does work to a certain point then stops, ever wonder why? Yes, it is what we eat, but there is more to that. What makes us want to eat the things that is not so good for our body and health? In this 16-weeks Rapid Transformational Weight Loss coaching program you will discover the answer to these questions and many more.

What is Transformational Weight Loss?

Transformational Weight Loss is an inside-out approach to weight management, using Regressive Hypnosis (Rapid Transformational Therapy).  Hypnosis is a great tool for weight loss because it allows you to take a deep dive into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all our memories, and it’s the place where the root cause of traumas that creates habits, and behaviours that stems from old beliefs. 

The focus of this program is not about food, and yet you will discover how much you will start to see food differently; the true focus of this program is to get to the root cause of your weight issues, and completely recode / transform them.

The body is a reflection of our beliefs, it physically becomes the mind – it has to, it’s part of the natural law of creation – as within so without.

Making smarter and healthier food choices and exercising are distinct components when trying to lose weight, and you definitely should not ignore them. Maintaining long term success with weight loss requires getting rid of deep emotional and subconscious factors that have been preventing you from losing weight this whole time.

That is precisely where weight loss using Rapid Transformational Therapy comes in and why it is so effective. Each session, you will be able to identify certain behaviours, triggers and symptoms that you may not even be aware of, and recode them in 3 consecutive sessions within 90 days.

Why do I need a Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression session?

A Past Life Regression session, included, this will allow you to travel back into past lives to identify if there were any issues you brought forward into this present life that may be playing a role in causing weight gain. This can help to correct / delete any old past life rooted beliefs, and help you to get to your ideal weight much faster.

What is a Future Life Progression? Think of this as jumping into the future and expereince your life as if you already have accomplished and successfully maintain your perfect weight. This is glimpse into your soul’s view of who you become, physically, mentally and emotional – your spiritual beingness!

What you get in this program:

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    3 RTT Sessions (each done 30 days apart)

    Includes 3 custom transformation recordings

  • N

    1 Past Life Regression (based on root cause)

  • N

    1 Future Life Progression

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    4 Coaching Sessions (1 hour session)

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    Weekly check-ins (email / and 15-minute call)

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    Weight Loss workbook – Downloadable PDF

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    4 Hypnosis recordings:

    • Maintaining Your Ideal Weight
    • Hypnotic Gastric Band
    • Divine Light – Help with relaxation
    • Cell Command Therapy
    • Bonus – Inner-Child Meditation
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    16 Weeks of Accountable Coaching and Transformation

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