Time Traveller – Book Your Discovery Call

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to discover who you were in a past life? How about travelling into the future to get a glimpse at how your present life has changed, or how a future life is after this life is over?

Time Traveller package gives you this opportunity to go back in time in your current life (Rapid Transformational Therapy®) and learn about root causes that affect your present state. This will help to resolve any issues, deleting any looping programs that hold you back.

A Past Life Regression will take you back to a life where a current life issue may have started, or just take a journey to learn who you were, and what you did in a past life. (This session will take you back to 2 past lives).

A Future Life session will take you several years into the future in this present life. This is a powerful session where you can discover how your life has progressed. You can learn from this future life and bring back valuable information to help make massive changes in your current life. You will be taken into a future life after this present life to see how the future has changed, who you are in the future and learn to predict the future by tapping into your superconscious mind.

These three separate sessions are targeted at a current life-specific issue and beyond.