Recoding The Self-Image

Unlock Your Unconscious Mind

Are you READY to INVEST in your LIFE!

Discover and Recode the Root Cause Of Your Fears

Start the New Year with a new perspective on your life. I am offering an 80% discount to the first 22 clients to sign up for this offer. This offer will close soon as the 22 clients signed up. You can can buy as many session as your want. The count is limited to availability.

You can buy this for yourself,  family or friends. Once purchased there are no cut off time as to when you can books in your sessions.

You will receive one Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session and get a RTT recording  to recode the issue. There will be 3 follow up emails to see how you are doing within the 21 days after your session.

You can select, 1 or all 5 areas to have 5 different session. Please not that each area is a separate price as it will reflect in the total.

  1. Anxiety / Stress
  2. Confidence
  3. Procrastination
  4. Self-Esteem
  5. Weight Loss

I have chosen these areas to be part of this promotion. There are many other areas I work on, please checkout my home page. If you are not sure about what RTT is please book a Discovery Call with me and I can discuss the process.