Future Life Progression

Travel into the future and discover the possibilities that awaits you. Learn from your future self and bring back that knowledge to your present life.

Have you ever wondered how beneficial it would be to be able to travel forward into the future to get a glimpse of what is possible in your life?

Future Life Progression (FLP) can be used to help answer questions about the future. It allows users to connect with their future selves and thus learn important lessons that will be used towards one’s current needs.

In FLP you will be taken forward in time using hypnosis/hypnotherapy, to explore the possibilities that await you in the future and bring back knowledge to help you overcome your current obstacles and find clarity in your life.

Most know Past Life Regression (PLR), not many has heard of Future Life Progression (FLP). This is a hypnotherapy technique that guides a client into a future life, or the future in the current life, as to where PLR is simply going back to a time and event that affects the current life, going back to see/understand the present.

You will be guided into a relaxed state using a technique that blends hypnosis and meditation. When you are deeply relaxed and in a hypnotic trance you will will guided to your future life and ask a series of questions that are relevant to your current situation. So it maybe that you feel you could benefit from knowing how your current work choices may pan out or perhaps if you have met Mr/Mrs Right…whatever you feel will bring you the knowledge that could benefit you in the present time.

A Future Life Progression session last 90-120 minutes.

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